Carrie Maldonado – Author

I write books and blogs to inspire, encourage, and entertain!



Hi everyone, my name is Carrie and I’m a …..writer…

I’ve been writing for free and for fun my whole life. In fact, even in my corporate executive roles I was always known as the company wordsmith and regularly took on side gigs writing resumes, web content, and articles.

I write about anything and everything, but at the core of all of my work is my underlying life philosophy of hope – wrapped in humor. My mission is to inspire others to cope with their challenges by sharing my own experiences, wins, and losses, and hopefully make you smile at the absurdity that is life.  My non-fiction and blogs are centered around whatever’s going on in my usually crazy life. For a season, this was trying to achieve work-life balance as an overextended corporate exec.  However, all that changed starting in 2012, when I had my daughter at age 39 and then twin boys in 2014.  Learning to navigate the world of infants, multiples, and sibling shenanigans changed my life, perspective, and writing, and my blogs and non-fiction are dedicated to coping with the insanity of surviving my tiny little masters.

My fiction is another matter. I love to show my characters in terrible predicaments (usually of their own making) so that they can benefit from the lessons I’ve been blessed to learn. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t laugh at them a little along the way.

So welcome to my site, and by extension, my life. I hope you leave with a smile!

PS…I’ve created some tips for surviving multiple conflicting priorities (or life, in other words) If you’re interested in a free copy, just click here!






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