Carrie Maldonado – Author, Speaker, Life Enthusiast

Read, laugh, empathize, (and if you leave inspired then I did my job)



Hi everyone, my name is Carrie and I’m a …..writer…

Other writers out there will understand.  As an early and lifelong reader, becoming a Real Writer was THE DREAM. For the uninitiated, a Real Writer is someone who a) writes and b) gets paid for it. At least that’s what I thought.


One of the plaques on my wall says that life is not a series of milestones, but of moments. Never one to disparage the wisdom of Beds, Baths, and Stuff (after all, they also tell me to Live, Laugh, and Love, which I totally support), and it is true for the most part, I will argue that in my case, there are several defining milestones that have led me to finally embrace my calling. And then one miracle. To set the context, throughout my life I’ve always had a story I was working on. Here are the things that happened, that I think are most important about me, and that led to me being able to call myself a writer:

  • Graduated university with a psychology degree and followed my soon-to-be first, later-to-be-ex-husband to Calgary, AB (that’s in Canada and yes it’s cold).
  • Met a mentor who gave me a career (Organizational Behavior Management) which led me to Southern California, where I spent thirteen years.
  • Hit a messy, demoralizing, life-threatening, suicidal, did I say messy, life ‘bottom’, leading to divorce and spiritual transformation.
  • Said yes to Jesus (that’s in the middle, but if you have ever said yes to Jesus you understand that that’s really the beginning. More on that elsewhere).
  • Met, married and moved around with my now-husband (whom I choose for the sake of my blogging to call Dreamy)
  • Had my daughter (aka Bisky) in 2012 when I was 39 and my twin boys (Frick and Frack aka #NoBen and #StopThatAiden) when I was 42 and during all that ended up in the amazing Pacific Northwest.
  • Realized  that I wrote a book (or in one case the first 2/3 of a book)  during each of these phases. 

So I guess I’m a writer. I am NOT however, a re-writer, which is why you probably haven’t heard of me unless you’re my Mom or your kid goes to preschool with one of my kids. But all that’s about to change (I hope)…because of the miracle.

Electio Publishing released my fifth novel The Grace Group in June of 2017 (eeeeeee!)

So welcome to my site and, by extension, my life.



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