Called For More - New To Consulting Business Blueprint

How To Start and Grow A Consulting Business Aligned With Your Purpose (So That You Never Have To Work in Corporate Again)

Want a Business that Gives You Money, Time Freedom, and Impact?

Let's Build Your Dream Business.

Have you given too much to Corporate America, only to be left drained, fatigued, emotionally beat up, and maybe even downsized (or rightsized, (or whatever-sized buzzword of the day)? Are there more important things and people in your life that you want to devote your time, attention, and resources to, that a J.O.B just won’t allow? Have you pushed down that nagging feeling that you’re not fulfilling your purpose…that you’re called for more than a corporate gig…long enough?

If you’re Called for More, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about it. By the end of my unique implementation program, you will have not only identified your gifts and your purpose, you will have followed a tactical blueprint to establish the consulting business that will ensure you never have to go back to corporate. Learn the mindset, skills, and specific steps to take to build a ridiculously amazing lifestyle that will not only allow you to provide immense value and transformation to your clients, but also the freedom and flexibility to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and investing in your family and your most important relationships.

This is a done-with-you program, which means you will be doing the work as we go, building a legitimate consulting business using your existing professional skills.

But you don't need to be an established consultant to work with me...

Ready to Start or Grow Your Dream Consulting Business NOW?

Does This Sound Like You?

Know you’re a rock star in your job — but can’t seem to figure out how to turn it into a profitable business?

You've always been a super star at work, but you're tired of putting all your effort into making someone else's dream come true. You've got no revenue or not enough revenue flowing in from your professional skills outside of your job? Working for yourself is a whole different world, from developing marketing and client attraction systems, to actually performing in a way that brings repeat business and delighted referrals. I’m an expert at helping you leverage your current skills into a freelancing arrangement, or your own consulting business.

Got a million thoughts and ideas, but zero idea where to start?

We’ll get it sorted out. After working with me, you’ll be up and running with a business plan, infrastructures, and marketing strategies (that you just can't figure out because you feel like you're stuck on a lonely island). I’m like a results getting machine, but for your bank account and lifestyle. Don't ask me to play any sports and actually win. My big muscles are coordination are only in my brain. 

Ready to break free from your office or the phone and instead work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection?

Tired of being stuck in your 9-5 or on the phone with 1:1 clients all day long? Your escape plan is here. I’ll fix your unfulfilled life. And that means also making you more money. My business strategies are like great plastic surgery: they enhance the best features of your life, correct the flaws, and make you feel fresh and energized. No more misery.

Wish you didn’t need marketing at all, thanks to a very, very rich client who’d find you by word of mouth, love you sight-unseen, and pay you enough money to retire — all before you had a chance to even market yourself?

Dang! That would be amazing. Me too. How about the next best thing: marketing that acts like that powerful word of mouth, and attracts your dream clients? I’ll help you find messaging that speaks to them and makes them want to work with you immediately. Plus, even if you could retire today, you still have lives out there to impact and change and you need to be able to reach more people to do that!

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Called For More - New To Consulting Business Blueprint

How To Start and Grow A Consulting Business Aligned With Your Purpose (So That You Never Have To Work in Corporate Again)

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