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Gingers pr pic BEYOND SEXUAL ABUSE, CHRISTIAN AUTHOR LAUNCHES THIRD NOVEL ABOUT FAITH AND FORGIVENESS. Snubbed by part of the Christian publishing community for either being too Christian and or not Christian enough, author Ginger Marcinkowski found a publisher and this week released her third novel titled, The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance. I am honored to say that I represent Ginger and do her marketing for Vox Dei Publishing. Ginger is an award winning Christian author. For those of you interested in the women’s Christian genre, we have the Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance available at all the usual places (Amazon, Barnes & Noble & bookstores) and on Goodreads we have a drawing for a free autographed copy. So head over to Goodreads and sign up for the giveaway. TWEET this out to your peeps if they re women’s Christian fiction fans – using the hashtag #GingerMarcinkowski.smallFINAL Cover buttons“Based on a true story…

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