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While traveling in the American Southwest the other day, my family went on a guided tour of a rocky park where we were able to view ancient petroglyphs dating to Pueblo tribes from the 1400s. It was an experience I won’t soon forget. If you’ve never seen petroglyphs, I recommend that you try to do so sometime.

My favorite part of viewing them, however, was when I learned from our guide—an archaeologist—that even today, we don’t understand the meanings of these ancient rock drawings. The ones we saw were carved into what is known as desert varnish on basalt, and although some of the images were clearly of animals, others were much more ambiguous. There were spirals, concentric circles, squiggly lines, and other images open to interpretation. Apparently, there are many theories about their meanings, but even the tribe elders, who know more about them than most people, have been…

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