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Mindy’s story NEEDS to win the contest. VOTE FOR MINDY!!!


As my faithful readers (hi Mom…and Mom’s friends) may remember, I entered a short short story contest a while ago and didn’t win.  While disappointing, I am in a season of life where I am being given feedback and opportunity to refine my skills, confront my weaknesses and grow as an artist, parent and general human being.  So I will keep working on my stories.  But this is not about me.  This is about Mindy Halleck’s AWESOME SHORT STORY THAT NEEDS TO WIN THE CONTEST!!!  Yes, I’m shouting, because I’m so excited.  The contest was, write a short story based on the prompt “Mommy, I don’t like this”.  Eeek!

Here’s the link…  Just click on the link and read the stories (Mindy’s story is called A Mother’s Confession and is the last one on the page), then vote, make a comment or send in her name via their e-mail. According to Writer’s Digest “Read the finalists, then vote for the one you like best by leaving a comment with the title of your favorite or emailing the name of your favorite story to with “Your Story 66 Vote” in the subject line.”

Mindy probably doesn’t know how instrumental she’s been to me in my writing journey.  She is a friend of a friend out here in Seattle (and now my friend) and has taken time out of her VERY busy schedule to meet with me and give me pointers (one of which was to start this blog).  She’s been greatly encouraging.  I attended her book signing for the fabulous “Return to Sender

Ben, Grace and Gabi are reading Mindy's story (maybe)

Ben, Grace and Gabi are reading Mindy’s story (maybe)

” earlier this year was really impressed.  I am not by nature a joiner but when I read blogs by authors, I sometimes feel comfortable enough to reach out to them.  The also fabulous Mary Rowen (Living By Ear and Leaving the Beach) is another author who has been incredibly kind and generous with her time – even reading Grief Inc., and giving me feedback!  For me, being a writer when I grow up is like most kids’ dream of being an astronaut, or being able to fly even without a spaceship (and really isn’t writing a lot like flying??) so to get time and insights from these women has been like meeting a movie star might feel for non-nerd-girls.  But all the hero worship aside, read their stuff.

Even though Writer’s Digest consistently doesn’t give me prizes, the people who do win show an amazing amount of talent.  I actually read ALL the stories in this particular contest so I could vote with integrity and they are all really good.  I do have to say though, that a Mother’s Confession really was my favorite.  Chills!  I won’t say anymore.


Author: Carrie Maldonado

Carrie Maldonado, is an organizational development consultant, author, and speaker. Carrie's eclectic mix of professional interests include writing, speaking, coaching, and consulting on topics ranging from organizational behavior management to spiritual transformation in and out of the workplace. Carrie lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her patient and long-suffering husband and their three children.

5 thoughts on “Mindy’s story NEEDS to win the contest. VOTE FOR MINDY!!!

  1. I am so touched by this post of yours. And let me tell you that I have entered (and lost) short story contests for over a decade. Just this year am I getting any good feedback. So keep going, keep writing, keep learning and keep entering contests and journals. Your day will come. Please do reach out any time you need or want feedback or just a cup of coffee. Many blessings to you and your astronauts. Mindy Halleck

  2. Reblogged this on Literary Liaisons and commented:
    I was so moved by this blog post I had to share it.

  3. BTW, I reblogged your post. You (and your mom and her friends) can now see it live at Literary Liaisons

  4. Hi Carrie! Wow, I just read and voted for Mindy’s story. What a great one. Really great writing and a terrific (if heartbreaking) plot in so few words. Very impressive. Thank you also for the shout out in your post. You are such a kind, generous person, and I love reading your work.

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