My Story

Once upon a time, I LOVED my job, which was high level HR and Organizational Development in high growth industries. I loved making a difference in my companies and within my teams. But after I had my daughter and then twin boys 2 years later, it was WAY TOO hard to balance THAT big job with my professional talents and aspirations.

Stepping out of my role as an employee and becoming a management consultant was super scary... but missing out on all the things was scarier. Consulting has been the perfect solution for me to keep engaged professionally with amazing clients doing work I love AND still getting to be there for all the milestones, messes, and general chaos that is Momming. 

But just saying I was a consultant wasn't enough to get me the lifestyle I needed. I had to figure out how to get clients on a repeat basis.

Businesses have trouble doing this when:

👉 The owners don’t see themselves as million-dollar + business owners

👉 There’s lack of clarity around core service delivery and pricing

👉 Marketing and business development are sporadic rather than systematic

But growth comes with its own problems

👉 Systems and processes that used to work fine, DON'T, & nothing seems easy anymore - ESPECIALLY 'people stuff'

 If any of ^^ these situations ^^ sound like you, then you are my people!!  

If you're ready to make your consulting business work for you, it's time for us to talk! You can schedule a call with me or just hope right over here to get started on your business blueprint!

During the call we’ll talk about what you want for your business, where you are, where you’re concerned/overwhelmed, your processes for getting clients, your service packaging/pricing, and your plans to scale up.

When I partner with my clients we: 

👉 Create a champion mindset to make space for high value work and goal attainment

👉 Identify your unique niche, and best packaging and pricing strategies

👉 Develop systems and process to sustain you through startup AND growth

👉 Identify and articulate the value you bring your ideal clients in order to build a successful, scaleable business.

I know it's overwhelming when you're getting started trying to package what you know, price it, and find clients. I've been there. I want to help you find your sweet spot and start doing work you love with clients who are delighted to work with you!

I don't hold anything back, so that you can have access to all the behind the scenes 'secrets' of success. You deserve SO MUCH more than status quo! Now, let's go get it!

Start by watching my free Masterclass today!

About my Consulting Business

My background is an 'eclectic' (to put it mildly) mixture of applied behavioral psychology (aka Organizational Behavior Management, aka OBM), HR Law & Legal Compliance, and Coaching.

My first real job was an OBM Project Director for a pioneer in the field. We implemented OBM in companies across the US and Canada. Besides basically ruining me for full time employment, it gave me the keys to organizational success. You see, behavioral psych works wonders when you have a strong goal, whether it’s personal or an organizational goal. 

My time in HR taught me how to ensure companies are compliant, and what most companies get wrong in their approach to dealing with people. 

I knew something was missing, though; that 'magic' that comes when you connect the dots for someone, and see their eyes light up as they 'get it', and realize the profound gift that leadership is, and how you can, in your leadership position, change someone's life for the better.

And so I added Coach to my resume.

But how did Coaching and Applied Behavioral Science go together?

I knew they were peanut butter and jelly, even though I’ve never seen anyone put them together before.

I spent the better part of 15 years trying to marry data-based, behavior-driven science with what science also knows about the power of beliefs and mindset.

It finally all clicked when I became a student of mindset.  Yes, OBM works to achieve any goal you set, and coaching helps you identify your best goals. But…if you’re not in a growth or an abundance mindset, you aren’t capable of setting life-changing (or business-changing) goals. 

As a consultant, I work with organizations to ensure their performance management systems, cultures, and communication structures are set up to embody the best of all worlds: 

Data-driven performance metrics

Empowering support structures

High efficacy cultures

Business owners stop experiencing the headaches of always putting out fires, out of control turnover, low revenue, and skimpy profits. They love their companies again.

I get to do ALL the things I love, make a huge impact, AND a great living.

But enough about me...

What's YOUR dream?

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