Leadership, HR, and OD Consultants: Here's the real secret to getting consulting clients

Leadership, HR, and OD Consultants: Here's the real secret to getting consulting clients

Are you a high-achieving HR or OD Exec who would have TOTALLY started your own consulting business years ago except for the minor issue of not knowing how to put together a whole career’s worth of knowledge into a consulting offer that people will pay for? Oh, and get actual clients?

If so, you are SO my people!!  For years I felt like there was something wrong with me because I resented my very well-paying job for the simple reason that it was a job, and not my own business.

If you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit (along with a low tolerance for all the job-associated bs) then you know exactly how I felt. I daydreamed for years about starting my own business. I even got a coaching certification, thinking that would be THE THING.

The only problem is, nothing I did or learned told me exactly how to go from a six-figure job to a consulting business that would let me do work I loved and earn a similar, if not better, living.

And so I waited. And waited.

Right after my twins were born (and my daughter was 2), my ‘safe secure’ company went through a downturn, and I had to decide whether I wanted to get another JOB, or just do it.

And so I started a consulting business (AND applied for every job I could find, then subconsciously sabotaged the interviews).

More through luck than good management, I got several clients that year and actually did replace my salary in about half the time, but I still didn’t know jack about sales or marketing.

After my projects with my first few clients wound up, I was facing another stretch of no income and frankly, it was demoralizing. I felt stupid. I felt like a failure. I felt like I had finally been given the chance to live my dream and I wasn’t up to the challenge.

I wish I could go back in time and give me a big hug. Because it wasn’t my fault. And if you’re in that situation, it’s not your fault either.

We are leadership, strategy, and people experts. We didn’t spend our careers branding and marketing and selling. So why on earth SHOULD WE know how to do this?

When I found myself applying for jobs again, I knew I had to either give up or try something different. That’s when I invested in a coach, who specialized in helping people like me build successful businesses. And bit by bit, I did the work to change how I approached my business.

I built structure and systems that worked for ME, in my crazy life, with ALL its demands.

And it worked.

Eventually I realized my calling is to help other people out of the human meat grinder that’s corporate America and into their own businesses.

And my signature coaching program was born!

I created the program I wish I would have had when I started, and that I think is most helpful, so it consists of:

  • A step-by-step guide on exactly what to do to start a consulting business AND get clients
  • Mentoring from someone who’s been there, gets it, and understands the nuances and complexities of HR or OD consulting.
  • A plan for your business and life that encompasses your values and is in alignment with the lifestyle you want and need.

To get you started, I’ve created a free PDF that you can download today to give you the basic blueprint for starting and growing a successful consulting (or any) business. These are the 4 things I learned HAVE to be dialed in to have a successful business, doing what you love!

After you download the PDF, you’ll have an opportunity to schedule a call with me to talk about your business and whether my program is right to help you achieve your dream business.

I look forward to talking soon!