The best way to beat negative self talk as you start and grow your business

The best way to beat negative self talk as you start and grow your business

You know, I live in Northern Idaho, where the geese fly south FROM in the winter.

 One cold fall day my kids and I were watching the geese in their trademark ‘V’ formation and one of my twins said “Mommy, look up there! They’re making the letter A, but they ran out of birds!”

 Of course it was hysterical, and I’ll bet you’ll never look at the V formation quite the same way again, but it does say something about our mindset, doesn’t it?

 Specifically, that what we see is heavily dependent on what we believe.

 From Ben’s vantage point, the birds really did look like a giant A without the middle.

 We only see a V because that’s what we’re told it is.

 What does this mean for your business?


 As you prepare to launch your bridge out of corporate and into working for yourself, don’t forget the all important mental work.

Creating a mindset of success, eliminating negative self-talk, and retraining our brains to see opportunities instead of limitations (A’s instead of V’s) are vital to creating a business you’ll love.

 So how do you know if you have any limiting beliefs?

 It just takes a little bit of time and a lot of honesty with yourself.

 First, look at your current situation and your history.

 Have things been progressing the way you’ve hoped? If so, great! You’re on the right track.

On the other hand, can you identify any areas where you’re settling because you’ve convinced yourself that this is the best you can get?

Do you have any deep-seated beliefs that it’s really hard, if not impossible to create a successful business?

 Are there areas in your past where you’ve quit too soon, maybe under the guise of ‘trying something new?

 All these are examples of how limiting beliefs can rob you of achieving your dreams.

 It’s important to identify as many limiting beliefs as you can that you may be holding about your ability to build your dream business.

 Once you’ve identified these limiting beliefs, replace them with statements that you’d like to be true.

 It takes some time to rewire your neural pathways, so plan to get started soon and to repeat frequently, until your subconscious has accepted your new belief.

 “I’m excited about building my dream business!”

“Everything in my life has served to prepare me for launching my business!”

 “I am equipped with everything I need to be my own boss, and I’m able to learn anything I don’t know yet.”

These are just a few examples of belief statements that will serve you in creating your business, and by extension your life.

 One of the best ways to speed up the process and develop a mindset for success is to get around other positive minded people who share similar values and goals.

 It’s one of the reasons why I created my free Facebook group (Successful Consulting And Coaching).

 I wanted to bring together talented professionals willing to share their experiences, support each other, and push each other to succeed.

 It doesn't matter what your education level, experience, background, or profession...if you desire the freedom, flexibility, financial upside, and FUN (yes, fun) of launching your own business, then you’ll find yourself at home here.

I almost exclusively work with entrepreneurs and people who for various reasons are ready to start their own consulting businesses. Sometimes they're between jobs, sometimes they're new Moms filling the 5-year 'resume gap of death'. Mostly it's folks who are sick of their careers being at the mercy of others, and who are ready for the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves (can I get an Amen?).

Here's a link explaining different ways I work with folks. It all depends on how much guidance you want or need as you get started. Some folks just need the tools and a friendly nudge, others benefit greatly from close mentoring. I just want you to get your business built!

Let's face deserve SO MUCH MORE than status quo. Now, let's go get it!!