Why 'anything' is not a good menu option for your clients!

Why 'anything' is not a good menu option for your clients!

Have you ever wanted to prepare a nice meal for someone?

Or if not nice, a meal period.

Here’s an actual scenario that happens at my house (ALL the time!)

Me: What do you want for dinner?

Dreamy husband: I don’t know. Anything’s fine.

Me: That’s not helpful. Pick SOMETHING.

Kid 1: How about pasketti?

Me: No, that’s not one of the choices.

Kid 2: How about goldfish (because…goldfish).

Me: Nope

Dreamy: What do you WANT to make?

Me: Sigh….Fine. We’ll have chicken and salad.

Now I know I’m not alone in thinking that ‘anything’ isn’t ANYTHING when it comes to a choice, so how come we do this to our consulting clients?

When we fail to create an irresistible offer that’s in alignment with our client’s pain points, needs, and wants, we’re pretty much just standing there asking them what they want.

This is NOT how, ‘take-charge-value-bringing’ professionals approach the situation.

For example, suppose you are an expert in developing leaders and helping them improve their communication.

This is a great offering, but who is your client?

Every business needs help developing leaders and most people on the planet can use help communicating.

So if you announced to the world “I help people communicate better”, you’re doing the equivalent of telling the world that ‘anything’ is for dinner.

The first step to creating a truly impressive offer is to figure out exactly who your client is.

  • Are you helping businesses?
  • What size businesses?
  • How many employees?
  • How much revenue?
  • What industry?
  • Where are they located?
  • What is their problem?
  • What’s caused their problem?
  • What do they THINK has caused their problem?
  • Have they tried to solve it before? How? What happened?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • What’s the most important feature to them?
  • What do they really want for their business?
  • Who’s the person who would engage your services?
  • How is the problem impacting them personally?
  • What will happen if they can’t solve it? To them? To the business?

Answer all the questions above to get super clear about your client.

 Then, think about two or three ways YOU can solve that problem.

  • A workshop?
  • A training series?
  • Ongoing coaching?
  • Implementing a new process?

Finally, what will life be like for your client after they implement your solution?

  • What will they be able to do when they’re not spending time on this problem?
  • How will they feel?
  • What negative consequence has been avoided?
  • What positive consequence have they realized?

Take your time to craft all this carefully.

 Put real thought into it.

You’ll know you’ve hit it when you kind of light up and start feeling REALLY excited about talking to these clients and changing their lives!

This, my friend, is creating haute cuisine!

So don’t let yourself fall into the role of order-taker with your clients.

Instead, figure out how you can help them identify their biggest pain points, and how best to showcase the value you can bring through your irresistible offer.

The result is you’ll have people calling you up requesting your specialty rather than running through a list of options desperately hoping to find a taker.

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