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It’s been a season of quiet reflection and re-calibration for me and my family, as God is clearing paths, closing doors, and opening my mind up to new possibilities. He is not a TAME lion, is he…?


For a long time, work was my ONLY identity. If I had a good day at work everything was okay. If things weren’t going well, I was a wreck. I put in ridiculously long hours, took things way too seriously, and if I ever did take vacation, it was never more than a week and I never disconnected. I knew on some level this was dysfunctional, but I also knew I was kicking butt at my job and that felt good.

Three years ago today I was laid off.

Happy September! Change is in the air and nowhere more than at Casa Maldonado (at least it feels that way to me!). I have a love-hate relationship with change; I love change that I initiate, but when it is thrust upon me I tend to want to hide under the bed shivering like a teacup …

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