For Job Seekers and those making a career transition

Finally! A Clear And Proven Roadmap To Finding Your Dream Job In 60 Days (Or Less)


My Dream Career Program shows you step by step how to find a job you love, that pays you what you’re worth, while doing work that you are passionate about.


No more googling for random tactics and fluffy articles


No more applying randomly to 100s of jobs


No more walking on eggshells hoping that someone will message you back


No more grinding it out aimlessly and getting no results for your effort

Instead, you’ll get a proven system that’s worked for hundreds of my students — and can work for you too.

Nick went from GM at one company to identifying his ideal company and landing a COO job for much more money. He moved onto starting his own company after that.

Jason T left one job as General Manager to get interviewed and hired with a state Utility Company - his dream company and dream role for benefits 3x better and 1.5 more pay.

Tibyasa M left a big name consulting company to enter the private sector in compliance and Risk Management. He works with me every year, and every year he is getting new positions and promotions.

Rose M was able to identify her career strengths so she could change industries as she made a geographic relocation and got the job she was after at twice the pay.

Anthony M landed his dream job at a Charter School and later got promoted to Chair and is on track for Vice Principal.

Roxanne B recently sold her Insurance brokerage and wanted to enter the private sector. She was able to identify her target companies and landed a regional manager position at her employer of choice.


A Direct Path To Your Dream Job

Rather than going about your search in a random haphazard way, this course is going to give you a step by step logical process that gets you from where you are now to landing your dream job in the fastest way possible. No more thinking about what to do next. Just follow the system and you will get results.

Here’s an overview of what you'll learn:

• • •


Structures for Success (Your Brain and Your Job Search)

In this module I’m going to break down my job search process in more detail and help you overcome any mental barriers to following through and seeing results.

    How the Inward > Outward > Upward Process tricks your brain into succeeding almost automatically
    Hacks for changing your mindset from "Settler to Pioneer"
    Button-Pushing 101 - Self-reinforcement techniques that never fail
    Filling out your intention sheet


Your Skills Inventory and Ideal Job

In this module, I’m going to walk you through a personal audit of your experience and values. We’ll conduct a complete inventory of your career history, extract your core values, identify your hard/soft skills, and ultimately put everything together into a cohesive story that sells yourself well to prospective employers. Many people think that just because they are talented or valuable that others should see it automatically. In reality, that doesn’t happen. It’s your job to be able to communicate your value to prospective employers and make them see. That’s what I’m going to help you do in this module and the next. 

    Done With You Personal Audit (experience, passions, interests, educational experience, values)
    Learn to avoid toxic environments like the plague with an inventory assessment exercise
    Identifying which of your strengths to lead with for hard and soft skills


Your Marketing Documents (Resume and Social Media)

Even though you aren’t going to be submitting countless resumes, it’s a good idea to have your bases covered in case employers ask for it or search you up on social media. I’ll show you how to quickly optimize your resume, social media profiles, and LinkedIn so they represent your best self.

    Why the Objective Statement does not belong on your resume (but a Career Impact Statement does)
    Beat the bots with my surefire resume templates (95% interview success!!)
    Why you don't want to sound like a stuffed shirt on LinkedIn and other Do's and Dont's for social media


Identifying Ideal Jobs and Companies

Learn how to research companies effectively to identify the ones you’d be happy at. Plus how to use LinkedIn at a whole new level to identify ‘helpers’ to assist you in your company search.

    Learn the top 2-3 roles you were born to fill with my go-to research sites
    Identify exactly who you should be talking to today!
    Utilize the same email, word for word, that my clients have used to successfully engage power partners for informational interviews


Networking Systems

Learn how to actually get results from networking using a systematic and methodical approach. No more going about it blindly, I’ll give you an exact process that gets results.

    The surprising strength most introverts possess that gives them a huge advantage in networking
    People you know well WON'T get you jobs (but dormant connections are goldmines)
    My incredible, number one way to never feel nervous again about talking in public
    Creating elevator pitches that aren't cheesy or awkward


Informational Interviews

How to leverage informational interviews to get your foot through the door and ‘prime’ your networking efforts in the next step.

    Most people are happy to be helpful - here's how to take advantage of that without taking too much advantage
    Practice using my Informational interview scripts and conversation starters
    Utilize your interview tracker and reinforcer so that you stay motivated


Mastering the Interviews

World class interviewing strategies - I’ve been on all sides of the table as both a job seeker, an HR exec and a career coach. I’ll give you my best tips and show you how to navigate interviews like a pro so you never feel nervous or get caught off guard again.

    Learn the top 2-3 roles you were born to fill with my go-to research sites
    Identify exactly who you should be talking to today!
    Utilize the same email, word for word, that my clients have used to successfully engage power partners for informational interviews


Negotiating Your Offers

How to negotiate the best offer in a classy way so you get paid what you deserve without offending your new employer.

    Why it's okay to answer "what salary are you looking for?" with a number
    How to decide when to accept the offer
    Declining offers without burning bridges


Your First 90 Days

How to make a phenomenal first impression at your new position.

    Setting good 30/60/90 day goals even if your boss isn't a goal person
    Overcoming the change monster 
    How to step into a job when everybody loved your predecessor
    Tips for being the new kind AND the boss

And much more, progress trackers, word for word scripts, and more!

By The End Of This Course You Will Have Everything You Need To Go From Where You Are To Your Dream Job In The Shortest Time Possible

Fair and affordable for anyone serious about going about the job search the right way

Up until recently, the only way you could get the content in this course was through 1-1 private coaching with me. I charge $6000 for 8 weeks where I personally walk you through my Dream Career process and leverage my network to guarantee you a job. It’s by application only and there is a waitlist. 
Now considering that landing a new job, promotion or career transition generally earns my clients an increased income of 20K or more per year, I’m sure you’d agree that paying 6K to get an additional 14K is totally worth it. Not to mention the intangible benefits they get from finding more fulfilling work and moving their career forward. 
So given that you are getting the exact same process, exercises and templates that my private clients pay $6K for, I’m sure you’d agree that $997 is fair and reasonable for a self paced online version of the program.
If you sign up before the end of the month, you can get started for just



Offer Expires May 31st @ 11:59PM EST

I’ll Actually Guarantee You’ll See Results Within 60 Days (Or Your Money Back)

It’s ok to be skeptical. You’ve probably tried many things in the past, but was disappointed by the results. Good news, your past does not have to determine your future.

Pick up the program today and take 60 days to try it out. Go through it at your own pace, learn the techniques, test them out in the real world, and if you don’t love the results you see, then email me and I’ll refund you your full payment. No hard feelings.

Now that being said, for consideration of a credit or refund, all worksheets must be filled out thoroughly with evidence of good faith effort being put in. I stand by my process 100% as do hundreds of my clients, but it won’t work unless you actually take the action.

If you are not ready to commit to the work, then don’t purchase the program.

Get to your dream job faster with my Dream Career Program


Offer Expires May 31st @ 11:59PM EST. Signup today!

Brian Was Promoted Multiple Times And Increased His Pay By Over 50%

"Carrie Maldonado has done more for me and my professional career than I can express. I have worked with her and for her for many years as well as taken advantage of her amazing coaching and mentoring skills. Carrie has always been extremely supportive and honest with me giving great advice, constructive feedback focusing on how I can better myself, and tools to create my own vision and get to where I want to be. Having Carrie as a business coach and mentor, she had helped me find a way to lose my fear of failing and turned it around into viewing challenges, opportunity, and change as the ability to take on new challenges and be successful in anything I get into. Through her help, I have gained the confidence I need to reach the goals I have in both my professional and personal lives. Through her continued coaching over the past five years, I have been able to choose a great position at a new company, succeeded at what I came in to do, and have had multiple promotions in the company that has resulted in a pay increase over 50%. I extremely admire and appreciate Carrie Maldonado and attribute much of my success to her efforts in coaching and mentoring me."

- Brian F.

Successfully Transitioned Into New Job and Career After Downsizing

"About a year ago, I was working for a startup company that shut down my department due to downsizing. I was feeling pretty deflated because I took a risk working for that company, and I wasn't sure how the skills I was using to do my job would transfer into other industries. That is when I was introduced to Carrie via a family friend. Not only did she help me organize my work experience and produce a professional resume. She was able to coach me in a direction that lead me to the career that I have now. I am happier than I have ever been with a job, and I have developed transferable skills that I will have for the rest of my life."

- Brandon B.

Beth Transitioned From Sales Manager To VP Of Business Development

"Carrie is a rare combination of positive and inspiring energy coupled with extensive business acumen. A true coach and leader in every aspect of her work, Carrie is organized, passionate, and professional. She has the innate ability to drive transformative results quickly and with excellence. But beyond all of the "resume-worthy" highlights - Carrie cares. She cares about individuals with whom she works. I've personally been the recipient of her genuine inspiration my times over, and I cannot recommend working with her enough.

- Beth, VP Business Development

From HR Assistant to Manager

"Carrie Maldonado understands the difference between a manager and a leader. She embodies both elements and has the characteristics aimed to accomplish the work at hand by inspiring her team to work towards a common vision. Carrie has an uncanny ability to assemble a team of individuals, who although on the surface may seem quite different, work well together. She leads her team, unifying them toward the achievement of a common goal. Her ability to formulate into words and express what others are thinking truly sets her apart from her peers. She understands that it's ultimately about the people; identifying and developing talent.

- Anna, HR Manager

Brian Got Hired As COO

"Carrie is truly a "one-stop-shop" when it comes to Professional Organizational Development. I have worked alongside Carrie in many capacities at multiple organizations. I have found her to be highly balanced, aware, intuitive, creative, adaptive, and fearless! She brings professionalism (and frankly a calming effect) to the seemingly complex, confusing, and downright frustrating world of OD, HR, and Compliance. If you are looking for solutions, she has 'em!"

- Brian, COO

Helped Traycee Transition To New Industry After Being Let Go

mind-blowing"Carrie's abilities and talents are only matched by her desire to help others succeed. Over the past several years she has been an incredibly valuable asset to me both personally and professionally. I have consulted with her in legal compliance issues, employee relations, training and recruiting and have found her advice to be sound and backed by facts, experience, and professional insight. I am always amazed at how quickly she can develop an understanding and perspective on each situation we have dealt with and made recommendations that benefitted as well as protected our intrests. From a personal perspective Carrie has been a tremendous resource to me in growing and developing my career. As an Executive Coach, her calm confidence in knowing and understanding people and personalities and the best use of one's own talent is mind blowing. She is a treasure and anyone choosing to work with her in any capacity will be thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Carrie."

- Traycee, General Manager, Vice President


Offer Expires May 31st @ 11:59PM EST. Signup today!