Called For More - New To Consulting Business Blueprint

How To Start and Grow A Consulting Business Aligned With Your Purpose (So That You Never Have To Work in Corporate Again)

In this FREE masterclass, I teach you how to build your dream consulting business using professional skills you already have AND systems to attract a steady flow of your perfect clients (even if you're totally new).

Consulting was my financial lifeline after I had newborn twins and a toddler, and it became my bridge to discovering and operating in my true purpose! In less than an hour, I'll demonstrate exactly how consulting can provide you the flexibility and financial freedom you need to step out of the corporate hamster wheel and into a life of ease, impact, and using your gifts for their highest and best purpose.

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In this FREE MASTERCLASS, Here's Just a Sample of What You'll Learn

How and where to get clients without being salesy

How much equipment and overhead capital you really need to start consulting

How to stop being your own worst enemy

How to identify areas within your core service offering that you can turn into high value consulting packages

What software you need today

How to become predator-proof

We'll Also EXPLODE Some Myths

Why you're NOT 'lucky' to have a job

Why you don't need a huge list (or any list) to start consulting

Why you don't need to quit your 9-5 before you start (and why you can if you want)

Why even though some businesses take years to turn a profit, consulting can be profitable immediately

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Hi, I'm Carrie Maldonado

And once upon a time, I LOVED my job, which was senior-level HR and Organizational Development in high growth industries. I loved making a difference in my companies and within my teams. But after I had my daughter and then twin boys 2 years later, it was WAY TOO hard to balance THAT big job with my professional talents and aspirations.

I had a constant ache that I was meant for more...but I had SO MANY interests, and so many things I could and NO IDEA how to tie them all together...and make money! I knew consulting was the bridge from where I was to where I wanted to be, but didn't know how to make it happen.

I know now that I had those feelings for a reason...because I was meant for more than a corporate cookie-cutter gig. It took a lot of trial and error, and prayer, for me to finally step into my purpose with confidence and grace. When all the pieces come together it's like magic.

I want this for you! If you're like me, you know you're meant for more and you might not be exactly sure what that is, or how to get there. I put everything I've got and learned into a program designed to do the following:

👉 Connect you with your life and professional purpose

👉 Show you how to see yourself as a highly successful business owner

👉 Provide you clarity around your core service delivery and pricing

👉 Create marketing and business development systems to get your the right clients, consistently

Coaching and consulting was MY bridge from corporate misery to freedom and abundance in every aspect. Let's explore whether this is the bridge for you too!

I'm a Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Certified Coach, and Published Author, and I've put together more than 20 years of hard-earned experience into a revolutionary program called Called for More - New to Consulting.

My passion is to help driven professionals escape the 9-5 grind by launching legitimate, successful consulting practices, where you work with real clients in your field of expertise!

This webinar will give you some info about me, my journey, and why consulting is such a great option. After that, you can learn more about my program Called for More / New to Consulting. If you are inspired, and think this may be what you've been looking for, you can enroll as soon as today!

I don't hold anything back, so that you can have access to all the behind the scenes 'secrets' of success. You deserve SO MUCH more than status quo! Now, let's go get it!

Start by watching my free Masterclass today!

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