EXCLUSIVE Program With Carrie Maldonado

Define your Purpose, Start Your Own Consulting Business, and Get Your First Clients in the Next 30 Days...Even if You Don't Have Any Prior Consulting Experience

What do you get?

Called For More - New To Consulting Online Course

4 one-on-one Accelerator Calls with Carrie

6-month access to our elite FB group **

6-month access to live weekly Q&A **

**Discounted continued access to private FB Group and 1-1 Call of $100/month ($150 value)

Regular Price $5,000

Called For More - New To Consulting Mentoring Program

If you’re Called for More, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about it! By the end of this program, you will have not only identified your gifts and your purpose, you will have followed a tactical blueprint to establish the consulting business that will ensure you never have to go back to corporate. Learn the mindset, skills, and specific steps to take to build a ridiculously amazing lifestyle that will not only allow you to provide immense value and transformation to your clients, but also the freedom and flexibility to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and investing in your family and your most important relationships. 

This is a done-with-you program, which means you will be doing the work as we go, building a legitimate consulting business using your existing professional skills. 

This unique program is custom designed for the woman who knows she has so much value to bring as a consultant, coach, and speaker, but isn’t sure where to start. Have you given too much to Corporate America, only to be left drained, fatigued, emotionally beat up, and maybe even downsized (or rightsized, or whatever sized buzzword of the day)? Are there more important things and people in your life that you want to devote your time, attention, and resources to, that a J.O.B just won’t allow? Have you pushed down that nagging feeling that you’re not fulfilling your purpose…that you’re called for more than a corporate gig…long enough?


1. Mindset for Consultants Mini-Course.

Ebook and Tutorial – how to create a champion mindset within yourself and your clients ($199 Value) 

2. Scaling Up

Bonus Module for leveraging your time and building your business ($250 Value) 

3. 6-Day Super Goal Challenge

A unique process for reverse-engineering your dream life with tangible goals that work! ($499 value) 

4. Your Consulting Signature Service ($499 value)

Fail-Proof Your Consulting Package Using Applied Behavioral Science 

Total Value: $6,477


(or 5 payments of $750)

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get...

This is not your typical "course". This is a step-by-step blueprint for you to follow. Your very own implementation plan to start and grow your consulting business. I provide you with everything you need to be successful and help you put it into place. When you complete the program, there will be nothing left to do and you will be well on your way to working with your clients because I help you implement everything I teach. 

The Complete Consulting Clients Today Online Program

So you can create a profitable consulting business for yourself and use your special gifts to help others... 

Access to a 24/7 Mastermind Community and Live Weekly Q&A Calls for 6 Months!

Meet other students, get an accountability, network, and share best practices with an option to continue on after 6 months if desired.

Tested Proposal Templates and Marketing Worksheets

So you can plug and play with your info, without re-inventing any wheels 

4 One-on-One Accelerator Calls With Carrie

On these calls we'll dive deep to uncover your purpose, create your signature service, develop your marketing copy, and review your sales process. 

If You Purchase TODAY...You'll ALSO Be Enrolled in Mindset For Consultants!!

This mini-course will teach you to overcome limiting beliefs and create a champion mindset within yourself AND your clients. This is a $199 additional value, yours for FREE when you enroll in Consulting Clients Today Online! 

AND...our Develop Your Signature Consulting Package Course!

This invaluable e-book and video walks you through the basics of Organizational Behavior Management, so that you can ensure you are achieving tangible results for your clients to win those high-value contracts! This course is valued at $499.

You'll also receive a bonus module..."Scaling Up" to help you leverage your time and resources (hello, passive income!) 


You'll receive access to a revolutionary goal-setting workshop to help you reverse-engineer your biggest dreams into action items you can start on today!


Program Details


Module 1 Overview

  • Big Picture Overview & Mindset
  • Self Talk
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • Reprogramming your mind and shifting into a Growth Mindset
  • Defining Your Why and your Goals
  • Taking out the Trash and Taking your Professional Inventory
  • Defining Your Target Market
  • Telling Your Compelling Story 


Module 2 Overview

  • Consulting vs Freelancing vs Coaching
  • Defining the Features of your Service
  • Defining the Benefits of your Service
  • Your Mission and Vision
  • Your Values
  • Your Business Name
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Writing your Business Story


Module 3 Overview

  • Traditional Business Plan
  • Lean Business Canvas
  • Determining your Specific Services, Pricing Structure, and Pricing

"Taking that leap from working for someone else to starting your own business can be overwhelming! When I launched my clothing boutique, Carrie was an amazing cheerleader and encouragement. I’ve watched Carrie transition from single career executive, to new Mom, to successfully running her own business. If you get the chance to be coached or mentored by Carrie, I’d highly recommend it!"


Owner, My Best Friend's Closet


Module 4 Overview

  • Discovering your Brand Archetype
  • Choosing your Brand Colors
  • Defining your Voice
  • Creating a Logo for your Business
  • Professional Photos
  • Setting Up your Business Domain and Email
  • Your Website
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Platforms


Module 5 Overview

  • The Value of Structures
  • Your Real Life Calendar
  • Your Structures - Overview
  • Your Infrastructures
  • Certifications
  • Proposals
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Accounting
  • HR, Payroll, and Benefits
  • Ongoing Support Structures


Module 6 Overview

  • Your Marketing Process Overview
  • How Your Marketing Machine Works
  • Tech 101
  • Into Action: Setting Up Your Tech
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Content Planning
  • Writing Compelling Copy
  • Tracking
  • Networking 101
  • Strategic Referral Partners
  • General Sell Sheet


Module 7 Overview

  • Initial Call
  • Sales Process Overview
  • Your Sales Process
  • Final Meeting
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Automating Your Sales Process


Module 8 Overview

  • Getting Speaking Engagements
  • Picking Topics
  • Goals of Presentations
  • Style Tips
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Owning the Room
  • Following Up

"Carrie has a special ability to handle even the toughest situations- effortlessly. She is creative, smart, talented, organized, and wonderful to work with. Her training taught us how to increase productivity, which increased profitability, which made a very happy CEO. Carrie empowers and builds confidence with her masterful coaching. I would not be where I am today professionally without Carrie. She is amazing and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her should take it."



Module 8 Overview

  • Getting Speaking Engagements
  • Picking Topics
  • Goals of Presentations
  • Style Tips
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Owning the Room
  • Following Up

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have ZERO consulting experience?

We specialize in helping NEW consultants, including folks with no consulting experience whatsoever. The New to Consulting program will teach you how to use skills you already have while working for yourself and commanding top dollar from great clients. The good news? Once you take on just a few clients, you'll quickly build an impressive reference list in case you're ever asked.

What if I can't quit my job yet?

You'd be surprised at how many consultants start off while holding down a full-time job! We can help you figure out how to honor your current job and responsibilities while still building out a plan to launch your own business! Maybe your current employer will even become your first client!

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?

The program is self paced so you can work on it 24/7. I Recommend you set aside 5 hours a week... So maybe an hour each day or group the hours together on the weekend.

Do I have long term access to the program? How about updates?

Yes! and Yes! I've got your back with lifetime access as well as program updates :)

How long until I start to make money?

I've had students join the program and make money the first week and then for others it comes in 8 weeks. It depends on you and the effort you put in and it's impossible for me to guarantee when. Everyone's results are different based on the work they put in and how well they follow the system.

Do I need a website?

Probably...but don't worry. I'll walk you through every step. Whether you want to build your own, or I'll show you how to work with freelancers to build one quick and easy.

What if tech really holds me back?

This program has you covered! I've got a no student left behind policy! That means I've made sure that tech will never hold you back again. You get to go and use your special gifts to transform your clients lives instead of struggling trying to implement what you learn. I give you pre built material so you can just plug in the information for your business as you go.

What if this doesn't work for me?

What if it does?

What if I already have clients and revenue?

That's amazing! You're already transforming lives and ahead of the client acquisition game. In this scenario we focus on EXACTLY what you need to do to get more clients without being drained of all your energy.

What if I haven't had a client yet?

This program will teach you and give you exactly what you need to go and get your first client, then second, then third then fourth, then fifth... as many as you want.


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