Called For More -New To Consulting Mentoring Program

Called For More -New To Consulting Mentoring Program

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This unique program is custom designed for the woman who knows she has so much value to bring as a consultant, coach, and speaker, but isn’t sure where to start. Have you given too much to Corporate America, only to be left drained, fatigued, emotionally beat up, and maybe even downsized (or rightsized, or whatever sized buzzword of the day)? Are there more important things and people in your life that you want to devote your time, attention, and resources to, that a J.O.B just won’t allow? Have you pushed down that nagging feeling that you’re not fulfilling your purpose…that you’re called for more than a corporate gig…long enough?

If you’re Called for More, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about it. By the end of this program, you will have not only identified your gifts and your purpose, you will have followed a tactical blueprint to establish the consulting business that will ensure you never have to go back to corporate. Learn the mindset, skills, and specific steps to take to build a ridiculously amazing lifestyle that will not only allow you to provide immense value and transformation to your clients, but also the freedom and flexibility to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and investing in your family and your most important relationships.

This is a done-with-you program, which means you will be doing the work as we go, building a legitimate consulting business using your existing professional skills.

Here’s what the one-on-one program includes:

New To Consulting Online Course

4 one-on-one Accelerator Calls with Carrie

6-month access to our elite FB group **

6-month access to live weekly Q&A **

Regular Price $5,000

Discounted continued access to private FB Group and 1-1 Call of $100/month ($150 value)


1. Mindset for Consultants Mini-Course.

• Ebook and Tutorial – how to create a champion mindset within yourself and your clients ($199 Value)

2. Scaling Up

• Bonus Module for leveraging your time and building your business ($250 Value)

3. 6-Day Super Goal Challenge

• A unique process for reverse-engineering your dream life with tangible goals that work! ($499value)

4. Your Consulting Signature Service ($499 value)

• Fail-Proof Your Consulting Package Using Applied Behavioral Science

Total Value: $6,477

COST: $3000 (or payments…5 payments of 750)

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