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It’s been a season of quiet reflection and re-calibration for me and my family, as God is clearing paths, closing doors, and opening my mind up to new possibilities. He is not a TAME lion, is he…?


Although I like to consider myself a clever enough gal, sometimes life needs to hit me upside the head with a dead mackerel before I get the point, and in this case it took several paid corporate writing gigs to turn on the light bulb and say ‘hey, maybe you should let people know you do this, since there’s apparently a need for it’.

Next Tuesday, July 25th we will be having a #release party for #GraceGroup, in my hometown of the heart, #YorbaLinda, #California. As much as it saddens me to be having this momentous event away from Dreamy and the #kids, there is some consolation in enjoying TWO two-and-a-half hour plane rides, a bed, and a night’s sleep all to myself while I’m gone. This #trip is on the heels of an unexpectedly enjoyable #family #getaway to the Inland ‘Empire’ of Southern California just last week. Overall, we had a wonderful time with the #twins and #bigsis, but it was not without its #struggles. Here is how I expect the two journeys to compare.

As I attempt to write this, Grace is sitting on my bed, wearing her Dora bathing suit. She is waiting to go to the pool, which we will do after my Tony’s training class ends. It will take three adults to partake in this adventure because there are three littles and they are sneaky, bent …

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I remember as a much younger writer, being terribly afraid of my ideas being stolen.  It seems laughable now, because I don’t think I had particularly original ideas to begin with.  It was at some writing convention or other that an agent gently pointed out that there are only so many story ideas out there, …

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